Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twelfth Night - The Holidays are Official Over

Well it's the 12th Night of Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany.  The Three Wise Men made it the baby Jesus in my Nativity and it's time to tuck the holiday decorations away for another year.   I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the holiday season. For the first time in about 20 years, I bought a real Christmas tree.  I loved it.  I came home every day and put on the colorful tree lights.  It just made me so happy to look at the tree. I also decorated my mantle with white lights, candles, and all of the Christmas cards I received.  Every card made me feel cherished by the wonderful friend who had sent it.  In a busy electronic world, with texts, e-mails, blogs, Twitter and Facebook as the main source of communication, it is so nice that people still take time to track down your address, write a holiday greeting, buy stamps, and mail actual cards to you.  I arranged them on the mantle carefully and looked at them often.  I had ten days off work between Christmas and New Years.  I went to the Main Library in downtown Los Angeles and checked out several books.   It was absolute heaven to sit at home and read for pleasure.  I also took advantage of the time off to cooked new recipes I found in a cookbook and to do some nagging tasks around my home like cleaning out the freezer, rearranging books on my bookself and haul off some donations to Good Will.  I also slept in every day.  I loved being under the warm blankets knowing that there was nowhere in particular I needed to be on any given day.  What a peaceful, relaxing holiday season.

Holiday reading material checked out from the library:

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  1. sounds like a perfect vacation. I've had fun scrolling through this wonderful site! So glad Brad helped us cross paths.Take care, Katrina