Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gentlemen, are you a Gastrosexual?

Gentlemen, have you ever made a fabulously delicious dish to impress a potential or current lover, hoping that the savory flavors that invade your date's mouth peak their sexual desire for you?  If so, then you may be a gastrosexual. Don't know what that means?  Pursing the Urban Dictionary, the term is defined as "Men who use their culinary skills to impress their friends and potential love interests." Personally, I find a man who can cook well, extremely attractive.

Food can be very sensual. Certain foods are capable of emitting powerful odor that invade the nasal cavity and literally make you swoon with longing. For me the smells of baking bread, braising pot roast, fresh brewing coffee, simmering marinara and of course sizzling bacon, are irresistible. Everyone can relate to the welcoming smell of home cooking when you walk through the front door. The aroma is an irresistible force beckoning you towards the kitchen. The person preparing the meal becomes the center on your attention and fascination. Watching a man cook can be a revelation. The measuring of spices, the chopping of vegetables to the precise shape and size, the kneading of dough, the carving of meat, and the tasting of sauces, the ability to know what is working and what's not and how to make it better. Preparing food requires a difficult balance of concentration, delicacy, decisiveness and stamina. If you think about it, these skills, all very important to have in the kitchen, could translate as well in bedroom!

Of course after all of that build up to the meal, the real payoff for a gastrosexual is his date's reaction to the carefully crafted food as it is savored in her mouth.  A reaction to well prepared meal can be very intense. A sudden burst of flavor can provoke the taster's eyes to flutter and an uncontrollable "mmmmm" to utter from the back of her throat.  The savoring of a deliciously prepared meal, together with a good wine and conversation, can go a long way in impressing a woman.  Even if the meal is not professional chef quality, it does not matter. It's just the effort put into the planning and preparing a home cooked meal can be enough to make a woman swoon.  So, gentlemen with Valentine’s Day on the horizon think about skipping the reservation at a crowded restaurant and break out the pots and pans. You too can be a gastrosexual.

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