Monday, March 15, 2010

Take a Tour of the World and Support Fair Trade at Ten Thousand Villages

I recently stumbled upon an amazing store that I wanted to share with you called Ten Thousand Villages located at 567 South Lake Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101 (located near the corner of Lake and E. California Blvd).  Ten Thousand Villages is a non-profit program that provides a vehicle for Third World people to market and sell their handmade crafts in North America.  Ten Thousand Villages works with artisans who would otherwise be unemployed or underemployed to provide for themselves income that helps pay for food, education, health care and housing.

The store is amazing and you can spend quite a lot of time looking at the variety of arts represented.  They literally have beautiful handmade objects from all over the world and part of the fun is looking on the tag to find where something is made.  For someone who loves traveling, it's like taking a tour of the world in my own backyard.  The jewlery selection is beautiful, exotic and very affordable.


This Rose Pink Pendent necklace was made by Taja-8, a workshop of Tara Projects. Taja-8 is a village workshop in Delhi, India that provides a self-help group for young women, allowing them to organize themselves and use their wages for the collective good.  This necklace is only $20.

This Variegated Serpentine Necklace is made with variegated green serpentine stone in a braided and coiled alpaca silver setting. It's made by the accomplished artisans of Tika Rumi (“flower stone”) workshop in Peru and is only $28.

They also have delicate ceramics that would look fabulous on your table or as a gift.  For example, these sectioned trays. 
                                   Floral Five-Piece Tray                                        Octagonal Basket Tray

This pottery is from the village of Bat Trang, just east of Hanoi, where there are as many kilns as houses. Ceramics skills in Vietnam are passed down through the generations. Each only $44 and $48 respectively. 
Ten Thousand Villages has many other types of hand-made objects for sale including soaps, cards & stationary, planters, tablecloths & placemats, toys, sculptures, vases, rugs, pillows and much, much more.  If you live in So. California, you can stop by the store in Pasadena or you can visit another one of their 155 stores throughout the United States and Canada.  Support Fair Trade in the Third World. 

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  1. I work at a Ten Thousand Villages store in NC, and it's wonderful to see someone so excited about what the artisans are doing. Thanks for supporting fair trade!