Monday, March 22, 2010

Yes We Did Pass Health Care Reform! - A Healthier America

Last August 2009, I wrote a blog post discussing health care reform called a "A Healthy America?".  At the time, I believed that the health care system in this country needed to change, but I feared that we did not have the political commitment to do so. With the death of Senator Kennedy, it seemed that the great moral and social activism that propelled this country to enact Medicare and Civil Rights legislation may have died with him.  I am grateful that it didn't.  I want to applaud President Obama and the United States Congress for living up to your promises and passing the Health Care Reform Bill last night.  Because of your courage, the American people will receive the following benefits:

  • 32 million uninsured American will now have medical coverage;
  • insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to people with preexisting medical conditions;
  • young adults, up to age 26, would be eligible for coverage under their parents' policies;
  • seniors' prescription drug prices will be lowered;
  • tax credits will be offered to small businesses to purchase coverage;
  • lifetime limits will be eliminated and annual limits on benefits in all plans will be restricted;
  • new plans will be required to cover preventive services and immunizations without cost-sharing;
  • consumers will have access to an effective internal and external appeals process to appeal new insurance plan decisions; and
  • premium rebates to enrollees will be required from insurers with high administrative expenditures and  public disclosure of the percent of premiums applied to overhead costs will also be required.
This Health Care Reform Bill may not be perfect, but it is the most sweeping legislation regarding health care that has been passed in over 40 years.  President Obama you led the chant "Yes We Can" bring about change. With the passage of health care reform, "Yes We Did" make that change happen.  I, and a healthier generation of America, appauld you.  And I'm sure Senator Edward Kennedy is looking down applauding you too.

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