Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Better than Animal Planet

I regularly feed the sparrows (wild bird seed) and squirrels (nuts) on my balcony. I love to sit and watch them from my couch while I drink my coffee in the morning. Today, I had a new unexpected visitor. I looked out and saw a relatively large bird land on my balcony railing, a young hawk. I guess when you feed small animals; you automatically attract larger animals, such as birds of prey. I had never seen a hawk up close before and I marveled at how beautiful it was. It had a light reddish color chest and darker grey wings and head. I grabbed my digital camera and tried to get a photo from my couch, which came out unfocused and grainy. I tried to get closer, but the hawk saw my movement and flew away. So with apologies for my poor photography, here are the photos of the hawk. I have also included a photo from the web, so you can actually distinguish what the hawk looks like.  Who says there is no wild life in Los Angeles?  My balcony is better than Animal Planet.

Copyright 2010 Romy Schneider. All rights reserved.


  1. Fantastic and so very rare to see a hawk so close. They usually only perch on the highest trees. I see a lot of them in Eagle Rock =)

  2. I think the only reason the hawk ventured to land so low was because the sparrows and squirrels were having a food-fest and he wanted to get into the action. No small animals were harmed though. After the hawk left the sparrows and squirrels came back and finished their breakfasts.