Sunday, May 2, 2010

A New Garden at John Muir Middle School

Leaving the Studio Lot
Every year the employees of Viacom, Inc. volunteer a day of serve to their community.  This day of service is called Viacommunity Day, a tradition that was started in 1995.  Last Friday, April 30th, the employees of Paramount Pictures donned turquoise and orange shirts and went out to various schools in the LAUSD to build, repair, paint and garden.  I volunteered at John Muir Middle School in South Central Los Angeles and helped plant a new garden on the school grounds.  We boarded two big yellow school buses, arrived about 10am and got to work. We planted a flower garden including building 5 benches.  The kids at the school were delightful.  Most of them had never planted anything before.  We literally had to teach them how to dig a hole, measure how deep they should dig depending on the size of the plant and how to back-fill the hole to secure the plant in the earth. The kids ranged from very precocious to shy and quiet, but they were all eager to learn.  It was an exhausting day, but extremely rewarding.  The kids were amazed by the beauty of the garden and that we could accomplish so much in one day.  I kept telling the kids that it was their responsibility to make sure the plants were taken care of after we left.  They all thanked us profusely and the principal of the school was so grateful she wanted to cry.  It was an awesome day of community volunteerism.

Students and Volunteers getting to work.

One of  5 benches built & I helped lay the brick underneath this one.

Watering all our plants, almost done!

Plants & flowers add some color to the concrete and chain link landscape of John Muir

This was truly a rewarding experience for the volunteers and students alike. 

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