Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I Love and Hate About Sports

What I love about sports: Johnny Damon running around the bases and throwing his batting helmet in the air like a little boy after hitting a walk off home run last night in Detroit. Lance Armstrong battling back after a flat tire in the third stage of the Tour de France at 38 years old. The awesome World Cup matches in South Africa over the last month (Germany v. Spain today will be grinding it out for a spot in the Finals). The John Isner/ Nicholas Mahut epic Wimbledon match that went 11+ hours over 3 days and ended in a fifth set final score of 70-68.

What I hate about sports: LeBron James getting a primetime special on ESPN to announce where he is going to play next year (really a primetime special?). A shooting outside of Michael Vick's birthday party (why did this guy get a second chance?). Tiger Woods' personal failings (how do you have the discipline to be the greatest professional golfer in the world, but not the discipline to be faithful to your beautiful wife and children?).

Sports can teach you many important lessons about life.  Like in order to get to the top of your field, you have to work hard and train consistently.  Like when you have nothing left in the tank, somehow if you really want it, you can dig deep and find a little more.  Like how sometimes you have to go big to win big or fail spectacularly (in the end, you make the history books in any event).  How no matter how old you get, when you are really, really happy you look and feel like a little kid again.  Like when you really want to achieve something in life, your mind and heart can rise above any physical limitation.  Like if you want to win, you first have to believe in yourself.  And finally, don't ever give up, because if you do, your goals will always be unrealized.

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